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A one-stop solution to business transformation needs for the AI era.

Flexible service

We create dedicated AI for client companies in as little as two days.

We can rapidly develop AI using AI, and once it is created, we can make proposals according to the client's needs, such as improving productivity, reducing costs, and improving the working environment, as a dedicated AI for the client company.


When developing and operating AI, input information is protected from leaks and cannot be used for AI training to prevent the leakage of important information.


As the accuracy of AI is improving rapidly, it is important to start small and see how it goes, while considering costs and the timing of implementation, before making a large investment.

AI aligned with direction

AI can handle a variety of tasks, including SEO strategies, social media management, marketing analysis, and more, at a speed far faster than humans.

We support operations in line with company policies.


This service can support client companies with no prior knowledge of AI, from employee training to implementation.

Diverse services

For customers with business plans, we introduce optimal services for all aspects, from in-house systems to on-site operations, allowing us to compare and consider in-house development from scratch, and we have a system in place to support long-term business planning.



Taking advantage of the AI revolution

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