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AI for business

Introducing AI in as little as two days at low cost

Bringing the power of AI to every business


Speed of implementation

We can train AI to learn from digital data such as business manuals in as little as two days, and introduce customized AI for each client company at low cost.

Rapid implementation is possible by utilizing the company's information assets.


Augmented AI

We will introduce department-specific AI that will not only manage information assets within the company, but also set goals and provide management support for each department.


Digital Education

At the same time as introducing AI, we will also provide training for employees, including how to use natural language processing in simple terms and discussing how to utilize it at client companies.


Incorporating into business

After using it for a certain period of time, we will determine the optimal AI operation for your business.

AI powers all activities, including improving productivity, analyzing financial data, and building new businesses.


Expert and AI support

In addition to AI, we also involve human experts to support business development and the intellectual property of unique technologies from various angles in this turbulent era.

Phased adoption of AI


Introducing customized GPT-4o

Second Phase

Small group testing

Third Phase

Department Introduction

Fourth Stage
Incorporating into business
Fifth Stage
Human Resource Development
Sixth Stage
Overall optimization

AI introduction from 50,000 yen

Is it natural that introducing AI is expensive?

Don't know the market price?

We will build an AI environment tailored to your company starting from 50,000 yen per month.

First, we hold a consultation, customize ChatGPT 4o for the client company, take measures to prevent information leaks, and start using it in as little as two business days.

We will initially operate the system on OpenAI's platform, and then propose a cost-effective expansion.



Taking advantage of the AI revolution

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The impact of AI in numbers
(Based on research data from 2017 to 2022)

35% improvement

Increase customer satisfaction

38% increase

Boosting profits with AI

Five times or more

Speeding up data analysis


Speed of new business development

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