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  • Is it an annual contract?
    This is a month-to-month contract and can be cancelled at any time. The most reasonable plan is a one-month plan, so there is no need to cancel it.
  • What is in-house AI?
    This AI learns information assets such as manuals within the company for each customer and operates in accordance with the company's manuals and rules. After cancellation, your data will be deleted from our company to prevent leaks, but you will be able to continue using the service.
  • What is ChatGPT?
    Developed by OpenAI, this is an AI that can be given instructions in natural language. The current latest model, GPT-4o, has achieved a correct answer rate of over 95% in mock exams for the US Medical Licensing Examination and ranked in the top 5% in the US Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This shows that it is possible to read context better than humans can.
  • What can AI do?
    It is now possible to do almost anything except physical activities. For example, it can analyze financial data in seconds and give advice. Sales assistant and advice. Planning differentiation strategies from competitors. Creating images such as logos. Providing design advice for corporate websites tailored to customers. Almost anything you can think of is possible.
  • Are there any payment methods other than credit card payment?
    We try to reduce costs through automation as much as possible and basically ask for credit. Please contact us separately for invoice issuance and other matters.
  • The charge is made via credit card payment through a service called Stripe.
    Stripe is an American payment processing company that is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant with advanced security measures to keep customer card information safe. It offers much higher security than most other companies, SSL/TLS encryption, fraud detection features, and 24-hour monitoring. For this reason, we use Stripe to ensure security of payments.
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